Valuating Agricultural Land. Quality really matters!

Working for over 21 years in Slovakia with land related projects I am often surprised by the wide variety of prices that are asked for and also paid for agricultural land. For sure, a lack of reliable information (transaction prices are not publicly available in Slovakia) is an important reason for this variety in prices. Another trend is that Slovak sellers try to base their asking price on prices paid in other countries without paying a close look at the quality of their own land. Sellers also often forget that foreigners (also EU residents) are mostly, by law, excluded from buying land in Slovakia making the market less transparent and less liquid. [Read more...]

The Slovak agricultural sector after May 1st 2014, a move forward?

“Produced in Slovakia”

When Slovakia joined the EU in 2003, the country was granted a transitional period until 30 April 2011. During this period it was prohibited for natural and legal persons from other EU member states to directly acquire agricultural land. The main reasons for the transition period were:
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